Residential Air Conditioning

Provision Of Air Conditioning Systems For The Home And Small Office

Over the last few years, residential and home air conditioning units and systems have become a popular instalment for the modern home. Air conditioning units provide homes with heat during the cold winter months, and crisp, cool refreshing air during the increasingly warm and humid summer months. These systems provide home owners and small businesses with interior temperature solutions which are both modern and cost effective.

Braywhite & Co Ltd. is a leading provider of home air conditioning units and solutions to clients based in Birmingham and the Midlands. We are proud to offer our domestic clients with a vast selection of air conditioning units from the world’s leading air conditioning manufacturers, including Fujitsu, Hitachi, Mitsubishi and Toshiba. The installation of home air conditioning systems and units can be adapted to suit your unique requirements. Due to this, we provide a diverse range of unit and system solutions including: floor standing, wall, ceiling or window-mounted, ceiling cassette, or discreet ducted split air conditioning systems, which can be neatly fitted into either a ceiling or wall void.

One option which is particularly suited to the provision of air conditioning in the residential setting is split air conditioning systems. With these items, the condenser, which houses the motor, is installed externally. This ensures a quiet operation within the home without affecting the aesthetic qualities of the home. In order to gain year wide usage of your system, you can opt to include a heat pump. The addition of this pump dynamically increases the functionality of your unit, meaning that your split air conditioner can provide heating in addition to cooling to your home environment. This option is especially appealing to home owners as it provides a cost effective alternative to conventional central heating systems.

Braywhite & Co Ltd. are proud to provide domestic clients based in Birmingham and the Midlands with complete design and installation solutions for the implementation of residential and home air conditioning solutions.

For more information regarding the home and residential air conditioning units available from Braywhite & Co Ltd., or to enquire about potential air conditioning solutions for your home, you can contact a member of our technical team direct on: 0121 551 6001. Alternatively, we are contactable by email at: