OH&S Policy Statement

Signed 7th February 2020

OH&S Policy Statement

Braywhite & Co Limited (the ‘Organisation’) remains aware of its responsibilities relating to OH&S matters throughout its business activities.

By Management Review and staff training, the Organisation ensures that its performance relating to OH&S matters is subject to continual improvement.

The Organisation complies with all OH&S legislation and regulations applicable to its activities and to any other requirements to which the Organisation may subscribe in particular in relation to the design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning and industrial refrigeration and the supply of laminate flooring.

Directors and Managers practice a WorkSafe policy at all times, any person is encouraged to refuse to work on the grounds of health & safety with the assurance that no disciplinary action will be taken against that person, all incidents will be investigated and lessons learned will be briefed to relevant persons.

This OH&S Policy, as documented in this Manual, is maintained by regular review and is communicated to all of the Organisation’s employees, suppliers and sub-contractors.

This OH&S Policy is made available to all interested parties including members of the general public.

This OH&S Policy is subject to regular Management Review in order to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the Organisation’s activities.

7th February 2022