Commercial Air Conditioning

From Computer Rooms To Small Offices, Take A Look At Our Commercial Air Conditioning

Braywhite & Co Ltd. Provide Clients With Computer Room, Small Office and Multi-unit Air Conditioning For Their Commercial Concern

At Braywhite & Co Ltd. we are proud to provide our clients with a complete design and installation service of commercial air conditioning services unique to the specific requirements of businesses and commercial concerns based in Birmingham and the Midlands.

Our experienced team is equally competent in the installation of commercial air conditioning systems to a small office environment as they are to a multi-unit air conditioning installation which caters for the requirements of an entire building. Clients who use our services can rest assured that Braywhite & Co Ltd. has the expertise to facilitate the commercial air conditioning requirements for clients based in Birmingham.

With continuous operation since 1966 we have become industry experts in the following areas:

Split Air Conditioning Systems

Split air conditioning systems are by far the most common and most popular form of air conditioning solution utilised and installed in modern commercial buildings. With split air conditioning systems the unit is installed inside the building either as a floor unit, or mounted on either the wall or ceiling.

These units work by constantly providing a flow of either hot or cold air continuously circulated through a room as is required. A split air conditioning unit is linked to an external condenser. The condenser removes all of the heat from the atmosphere of the room in order to provide the cooling action. In order to provide heat, the unit works in reverse by drawing heat from the condenser unit which is transferred to the internal unit, thus heating the atmosphere.

Multi Split Air Conditioning Solutions

A multi split air conditioning solution works similarly to a singular split air condition system. However with a multi split air conditioning solution, the atmospheric temperature of a number of rooms can easily and effectively be controlled individually from a single condenser unit.

Multi split air conditioning systems enable for up to four units to be operated in a cooling only or heating only operation.

Utilising a multi split air conditioning system for your business or commercial concern provides the optimum solution providing desirable atmospheric temperatures to a number of rooms, whilst minimising the external space required to install outside units.

VRF Systems

The Variant Refrigeration Flow system is the most modern form of the conventional split commercial air conditioning system. With a VRF system it is possible for businesses to connect a total of sixteen internal units to a single external condenser. A VRF system makes use of a specifically constructed condenser which is specifically designed to respond to the number of internal units in order to provide the same high levels of air cooling and heating associated with a conventional air conditioning system.